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 Holy or even prot pally[ACCEPTED]

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PostSubject: Holy or even prot pally[ACCEPTED]   Mon Sep 08, 2008 7:11 pm

First of all i wanna say that ur recruitment stuff isnt right( dont wanna be rude just giving an advise) u aint giving the palyers applying to join you to give their own answers to ur questions but u r just providing ready answers to them... this is the reason i will apply on my own hoping u will like and accept my apply Wink

Char name: Presian
Level: 70
Class: Paladin
Specc: 41/20/0 i got descent prot gear and XP i've tanked MH Alliance camp trash and partially ZA and full Kara
Armory profile:
Random info: I've been in some descent guilds in Burning Legion EU but i couldnt fulfill their and my own expectations about the game play and the gear... (i've been either undergeared>MCN< or we stopped raiding >TLR<)
Raid XP:
FULL: ZA, BT, MH, KARA, GRUUL all heroix
PARTIALLY: SSC->Looter below, Hydros, Leotharas, several tries on Vashj>>>>>TK->VR, Alar, Solarian no tries at Kael at all
Guild expectations: i kinda miss first kill of the bosses at which fights i m not a boosted person (as in MCN) but an essential player devoting himself to the first kill itself...
Raid activity:i m mainly working at night like 14-15 days per month so i can be raiding only when i m not a work since you raid from 18:00 GMT...as a conclusion i can raid like 2-3 days per week ( i know this aint enough but i hope i can fill the empty spots in raids if u need holy or prot paladins)...btw depending on my work schedule i can raid more or less...depends on my schedule..
Guild members i know: as far as i see in armory i know Demoncry, Chaosmaker, Icyfeet all of them from TLR and i hope they can vote for me... i know Mohan too i've done some heroix with him tanking and i hope he will vote for me too...maybe i know more but cant see em in armory... Razz

i hope this is good enough apply and i hope u will like it Razz

best regardz:
Presian 70lvl pala Burning Legion EU
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PostSubject: Re: Holy or even prot pally[ACCEPTED]   Mon Sep 08, 2008 7:51 pm

hi presian

i'd like first to say that bla bla bla answers and questions might not be an application form more than a condition list , just make ur application urself , if it just includs the info that guilds officers need .

anyway , i know ur gear lvl , and ur activity , even tho u told me u got like night shifts occationally these days i know u r active .

so even with 4 holy paladins i think we could use one more if he is rly good geared and active .

Accepted . /w me

- Demoncry
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PostSubject: Re: Holy or even prot pally[ACCEPTED]   Mon Sep 08, 2008 8:05 pm

Accepted . /w me

love ya Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Holy or even prot pally[ACCEPTED]   

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Holy or even prot pally[ACCEPTED]
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