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 Prot Paladin Stollwan [ACCEPTED]

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PostSubject: Prot Paladin Stollwan [ACCEPTED]   Fri Sep 05, 2008 9:34 am

Ingame Name: Stollwan
Armory Link:

1. Endgame raiding is a big part of my daily life these days and it has a high priority next to other leisure activities.

2. I have atleast 85% raidattendence but preferably more.
I have 85 - 90 %

3. I have full knowledge of my class and my position in the raid setup. I also know the other classes responsabilities, so that I can help them (instead of being a burden) whenever I can.
Yes Ofc

4. I always read about my class and try to improve my playing it.
Thats the only way to get better so yes ofc

5. I have mostly PvE gear.
Yes Ofc if i gona play pve ofc that i have Full pve gear then

6. I have the PvE-best enchants/gems to maximize my performance in raids, even though I know I can acquire a better item next day and I will have to resocket/re enchant it yet again.
Yes very inportent

7. I have a raw PVE-specc, and if the guild asks for it i dont complain if i need to respecc for an encounter.
my best gear is in Prot but i can respecc if u whant me to

8. I know that raiding is all about team work and I have no problem in following and understanding and doing what the officers and raidleaders tell me to do.
Yes I Know That Smile

9. Taking down new bosses, getting the thrill of the first kill is what is fun and challenging about the game, not the farming activity for free epics.
Getting a boss down is ofc more Important then free epics Smile

10. I am social and friendly, I interact with my guild mates, I like to share information withthem and help anytime I can
ofc i will do anything to help out my guild mates.
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Prot Paladin Stollwan [ACCEPTED]
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