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 Enhancement shaman application. [DECLINED]

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PostSubject: Enhancement shaman application. [DECLINED]   Tue Sep 02, 2008 6:25 pm

Character name: Superbaby

Hello, my name is Alex, i am 20 years old and i am from Bulgaria.My main now days is a draenei shaman named Superbaby.My current profesions are engineering and mining.

I recently changed talants from elemental,us elemental shaman i made it up to MH and BT with the guild TAMG(tauren ate my grandma).I got very bored from elemental spec and wanted to change my talants to enhancement.So i did.My equipment curently is s2,brutal parts,guardian and engineering googles, with venirs us weapons.My gear is entirely pvp since that was the fastest way to change gear from elemental.But if i have the chance to raid alot i do believe that i will complete my gear fast and not be a burden to the guild.All the gear is enchanted and socked with PVE staff so it will work until i change it.
My "history" in wow is quite ....well,curently i am raidleader of small guild named HellRaisers,farming kara and other low gear instances.My expireance us shaman is trackable back to 2004 when i started us tauren shaman on the realm Shadow Moon,after that i transfered into Magtheridon.I have expireance all the way to BT us resto shaman and us resto druid,i use to be Curandera a resto/tank druid on Burning Legion.Cuz of some rlf issues i had to stop the game for a year ,but now i am all dedicated into having fun playing WoW.I am back with the shaman Superbaby and dedicated into raiding.

Pre TBC i have expireance all the way to Nax,so i am expireanced raider.I know all the tactics for all the classes in the game in any instance.I read about shamans all the time.Enhancement shaman is my patien now ,and i dont plan to change it ever.My current talants are 16/45,for more dps with shocks.I can twist totems with out loosing my dps and mroe important without going OOM.

I know that my gear is not good ,but i have the expereance and the skills not be burden to the guild raids.If you are interested into more information about me please contact me ingame.

Best regards Superbaby
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PostSubject: Re: Enhancement shaman application. [DECLINED]   Tue Sep 02, 2008 6:34 pm

I will give you an answer tomorrow, and for getting better pve gear you can also farm badges
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Enhancement shaman application. [DECLINED]
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