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PostSubject: RECRUITMENT TEMPLATE!   Tue Sep 02, 2008 5:41 pm


Character name:
Talent Build:
Your role in raid:

Any rare schematic/recipe/pattern/... you have:
First Aid Skill:

Your raid addons:
Can you use Ventrilo and do you have working microphone? (yes/no):

Your gear (link to armory):
Any other gear? Offgear like dps, healing, tanking etc. gear?:
What magic resistance gear you have?

Screenshot of your character and UI (preferably a place which suits to your character the best)

Tell us about your keybinds:

Your computer specs. Can your computer handle raid instances?
Your Internet Service Provider? Can it provide reliable connection?

Personal Details

Your age, background, hobbies outside of WoW etc.

What do you expect from us?
What can you offer us?

What other games do you play alongside with World of Warcraft?
Tell us about your previous guilds / gaming communities that you have been in? Reasons why do you want to change guild / gaming community.
Are you an original owner of your WoW-account?

What, if any, experience do you have in the following raid instances:
- Pre-TBC raid instances (BWL/AQ/Naxx):
- TBC raid instances:

What times are you online?
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