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 Bo,Osses in MH tactix and stuff ;P

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PostSubject: Bo,Osses in MH tactix and stuff ;P   Fri Sep 12, 2008 10:26 am

Anetheron, 2nd boss in MH

Carrion Swarm: A wide cone dealing 4250-5750 shadow damage aimed at a random player. Debuffs the player, reducing healing done by 75% for 15 seconds.
Sleep: Forces a random target to sleep.
Vampiric Aura: A buff on Anetheron that heals him for 300% of the damage that he deals in melee. Lasts 5 seconds.
Inferno: Targets a random player summons a Towering Infernal on them, inflicting Inferno Effect on any players in the area dealing around 2500 Fire damage and inflicting a temporary stun.
Towering Infernal: Has a close range Immolation aura so melee must be careful if damaging the infernals. It can gain the Vampiric Aura when close to Anatheron, which will heal him for 200% of damage he deals. Has 220,000 health.
General Tips
Healers should spread out and communicate with each other once they have the Carrion Swarm debuff in case they need to briefly help heal their assigned target.
Ranged damage dealers must take down the Towering Infernos once spawned. Have a tank with fire resistance gear/auras on to tank them.


The trash waves are consisted of the same mobs as Rage Winterchill (see his page for more details), but there is a new mob that gets introduced.

Banshee: These mobs don't hit very hard, for they mostly shoot a ranged spell for 2k. However, the real trouble with these mobs come with their ability to put up a shield that absorbs all magic damage. It is recommended to have the melee take these down first.

Strat: The trash waves could be handled the exact same way as Rage Winterchill's trash, except if a wave contains Banshees, have your melee target them down. Keep the cc on the Shadowy Necromancers and have them be the second target of the melee group. Whenever a wave consists of 4 Shadowy Necromancers or more, your tanks need special attention. If they are coupled with 2 or more abominations and a few ghouls, more healing should be done. If you have a prot paladin, have him tank as many mobs as possible while the remaining offtanks pick up the abominations. Have the exact same kite paths as before, and make sure that at least one healer is paying attention to the kiting hunters (a lock with curse of exhaustion could do the job, albeit it is very risky, use a lock only if your hunters are KIA or you don't have 2 hunters).

Here are the trash waves:
1)10 ghouls
2) 4 abominations and 8 ghouls
3) 4 shadowy necromancers, 4 crypt fiends, and 4 ghouls
4) 2 banshees, 6 crypt fiends, and 4 ghouls -Banshees are introduced
5) 4 banshees, 6 crypt fiends, and 2 shadowy necromancers
6) 2 abominations, 4 shadowy necromancers, and 6 ghouls(!)
7) 4 abominations, 4 crypt fiends, and 4 banshees
Cool 4 abominations, 3 crypt fiends, 2 banshees, 2 shadowy necromancers, and 3 ghouls
9) Anetheron

The boss Anetheron himself is a bit more difficult than Rage, but with good positioning he shouldn't be too difficult. As I mentioned before, it is recommended to have an offtank with some fire resistance gear (preferably a prot paladin, but a feral druid and a warrior could also do). His abilities are as follows.

Vampiric Aura: You can do absolutely nothing about this except to minimize the healing that he does. He gains as much health as the damage he deals, so have your rogues equipt wound poison before the encounter. Alternatively, have your hunters use aim shot or your warriors do mortal wound, but wound poison is much easier to maintain on the boss.

Sleep: He randomly puts this on few targets at a time. It cannot be dispelled, and as someone pointed out, if the slept target gets damaged, it will be gone. However, this sleep effect lasts a very long time.

Carrion Swarm: a cone shadow spell that damages everybody in the cone for ~5K and reduces the healing the damaged players DO (not receive) by 75%. It can be resisted, and the cone is about 90 degrees. It is completely random, and he can target npcs. The only way to cope with this effect is have your healers spread out in a circle around him so that only one or at most two healers get the carrion swarm at a time. The frequency that he uses this effect seems to be a bit random, but just count on that your raid should have a carrion swarm debuff on them at all times. Do not let the ranged bunch up, and have your melee spread out behind him as much as possible, for grouping players together means that that group will be carrion swarmed more often. Resto shamans are your friend in this encounter. While the carrion swarmed healers can't heal for much, a little bit is more than nothing at all, and this fight isn't an endurance fight.

Inferno: Every minute he'll randomly target a player and cast this spell on them. It is a 3 second cast, which gives the targeted player 3 seconds to run towards the fire resisted offtank by Jaina. The offtank should taunt the inferno (if he's a prot paladin) or intercept/feral charge it and drag it back to Jaina. The inferno hits fairly decent, but its true danger comes with its melee flame aura that hits for ~3.5k. A combination of carrion swarms and an inferno dropping on players could mean quick deaths, so make sure everyone's topped off at all times.

Strat: As mentioned before, the position for this fight is very important. Tank Anetheron at the big clearing just at the bottom of the entrance ramp. Make sure your healers are spread out equidistant from each other. One at the mountains to the right, one at the blacksmith's building, one at the riflemen/mages, etc. Your ranged should also spread out in a similar fashion. However, since the npcs and your melee are going to be behind Anetheron, make sure not a lot of ranged gather there. Have your offtank for the inferno stand at Jaina, with a dedicated healer even farther away to make sure that he/she doesn't get hit with carrion swarms. When the offtank gets the inferno, wait a few seconds and have all the ranged dps in the vicinity burn it down quickly. People often have a tendency to bunch up with dps'ing the inferno, make sure that doesn't happen. So long as your healers have the ability to keep everyone up through the carrion swarms and your offtank doesn't die from the inferno (ie it is taken down in time and the healer doesn't get swarmed), you should be fine. Drill it into your raid members' heads that they have to run towards the offtank the moment they're targeted with the inferno spell. A very common way to wipe is to have the inferno run loose in the melee and take everyone down with it; another way is for the offtank to run into the melee in order to pick the inferno up and have the offtank healer get carrion swarm in the process, leading to an offtank's death (hence a prot paladin's range taunt is very effective in this fight).

it is easy boss if u once see the fight and understand it...u gotta think about surviving and saving other raid members' lives...

See some movies o,O

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMdXTAAP5w4 ------> Infernal tank stuff

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzgGz4-ouMc ------->How to: Anetheron

these r essential movies so see em ;P
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Bo,Osses in MH tactix and stuff ;P
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